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FCS Tips - January 2015


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January 15, 2015

  Common Food and Fitness Mistakes

 It's fifteen days into the New Year, and many resolutions to eat healthier, exercise, live a healthier lifestyle may be well under way. Hopefully, with those resolutions you are making changes to live a healthier lifestyle. If so, avoid common food and fitness mistakes based upon what is trendy in foods now.

January 21, 2015

Fast Meals at Home

You're running late at work and still need to pick up the kids, stop by the store, get dinner on the table, and take the kids to their activities. You WANT to serve your family healthy, nutritious meals, but you are in overload, out of time and out of ideas. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

 January 22, 2015

 Cooking Nutritious Meals for One or Two

Cooking for one or two can be tricky. You want to make the most of your ingredients and minimize dishes, but may think it is impossible, especially when many recipes serve four to six people. You don't have to abandon the kitchen for takeout, or settle on eating a bowl of cereal.

 January 8, 2015

 Using Herbs in Cooking

Herbs are a great way to turn ordinary meals into extraordinary meals without adding extra salt, sugar, or fat. Researchers even believe that many culinary herbs have antioxidants that may help protect against diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

 January 1, 2015

 Black-Eyed Peas are a Traditional New Year's Dish

Growing up in the South, it was a requirement in my parents’ house to have black-eyed peas and corn bread on New Year’s Day. In fact, my parents were here this weekend and mama bought black eyed peas to carry home and cook. Just in case she did not have any at home to cook on New Year’s Day. Chances are you may have black-eyed peas soaking also. 

 January 28, 2015

 Superbowl Foods: My How Those Calories Add Up

Regardless of which team you are cheering for this Sunday, chances are you will be watching the big game while enjoying food. This event has grown from a football game to the second biggest eating day of the year, right after Thanksgiving. In a regular day, an American will eat about 2,000 calories worth of food, but during the Superbowl, the average American eats that amount of calories in about three hours.