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Faulkner County 4-H Club Info 2023-2024

Edited 05.21.2024

4-H Clubs


Cloverleaf 4-H Club

Donna Beck: (501) 681-5818/

Dorothy Yeager 501-208-1870/

Please call for location.


Faulkner County 4-H Cloverbud Club



Conway Lucky Charms 4-H Club

Ann Wilson: (501) 339-6052 /

Please call for location.


Guy Small Town 4-H Club

Megan Fielder: 501-339-5179 / 

Jennifer Rooney 501-730-3291 /

Meets the 2nd Monday of each month.  Please contact for details.


Vilonia 4-H Club

Josh Evatt: 501-733-7958 /

Please call for location and time.

Specialized 4-H Project Clubs


Faulkner County 4-H Shooting Sports Club

Nikki Heck: 501-804-0956 /

Meeting will vary according to program;

Practice locations, dates, and times will vary.

Food Club 

Glenna Laymon 501-581-2371 

Please call for location and time. 


S7-4H BB, Rifle, & Pistol Club

Ages: 8 to 15 for BB Gun; email for interest about other disciplines

Andy Faulkner: Level II 4H Rifle Instructor/Coach /

Cell phone: 501-908-9468

Meeting Location: Varies depending on activity/weather; email for info

Meeting Time: Usually the 1st Tuesday every month @ 6:00 PM at a minimum.  Meetings can fluctuate depending on practice schedule.  Competitive practices can be held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the S7 Arkansas Gun Club. 

Please contact for more information.


Clover Bytes 4-H Technology Club

Leonard and Ann Wilson: (501) 339-6052/

Email if interested


Faulkner County 4-H Dog Training Club

Lisa Murdock: 501-428-8224/  

Tammy Calico: 501-514-1608/

Please contact if interested.


Teen Leaders

Kami Green: (501)329-8344 /

Tracy Clark: (479) 806- 1986/

Meets at Faulkner County Extension office 2nd and 4th Mondays at 6 PM


4-H Horse Project Clubs


Shamrock Horseshoes 4-H Club

Janice Thessing: (501) 336-4471 /

Melissa Belote: (501) 336-5980 /

Please call for location and time.


Horse Knowledge Club

Grace M. Brodsky (501) 514-4838

Meets 2nd or 4th Tuesday of the month.


4-H Livestock Project Clubs


MVE 4-H Club

Jason Ingram: 501-514-0363/

Please call for location and time.


Faulkner County 4-H Livestock Club

Jolene Weldon: 501-733-3059 /

Please call for location and time.


Liberty Livestock 4-H Club

Rose Harris (501)-733-3449 or Brandon Harris (501) 733-4580

Please call for location and time.


Mayflower 4-H Livestock Show Team

Scott Sewell: (501) 733-6612 /

Ronnie Koch:

Please call for location and time.


Saltillo 4H Club

Julie Sanders: 501-339-5192 /

Meets 1st Thursday of the month. Please call for location and time.


**Meeting times, dates, and locations are subject to change so please contact the club’s main leader(s) prior to attending a meeting.