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5 easy 4H projects for kids

Five Easy 4-H Projects that Create Self-Sufficient Kids

The essential skills your kids can learn in 4-H will help them be more self-sufficient. And isn’t that one of the goals of parenting?

By Cindy Ham

4-H time is family time, and getting your family involved in 4-H will be one of the best decisions you will make. The beauty of 4-H is that we teach your kids life skills in a fun and engaging way. No boring lessons, here! 

What can your kids learn about self-sufficiency in 4-H?five types of 4H projecct areas that help encourage self-sufficiency. 1. Preserving food 2. livestock 3. gardening 4. shooting sports safety 5. managing money

1.  How to preserve their own food. In the Clark County 4-H program, our youth learn food safety and how to preserve their own food. Food preservation reduces food wastage and increases the storage period of perishable foods. Workshops are held in Arkadelphia each summer for kids to experience preserving their own food. Their canned food items can be entered in the county fair, enjoyed by the family, and shared with others.

2.  How to raise livestock. One of the most popular 4-H project areas is raising livestock. Kids select an animal, care for it daily, and then exhibit it at the fair. They learn about animal husbandry and food production while gaining responsibility and decision-making skills. Our poultry chain project is a great starter project!

3.  How to grow their own food. From planting a garden to harvesting the produce, kids can have the hands-on experience of growing their own food. Fresh produce can be enjoyed by the family, shared with others, or sold at the local farmer’s market. Produce from the garden can also be preserved.

4.  How to be a responsible sportsperson. Safety is top priority in Arkansas 4-H Shooting Sports. BB and shotgun are the areas of focus for youth in Clark County. Our 4-H members learn safe gun handling skills but also gain responsibility, self-discipline, and sportsmanship skills.

5.  How to earn and save money. Skills like understanding money, budgeting, spending, and saving are learned through our financial educational programs like Get Real, Here’s the Deal. What’s even better is that personal finance project work is also a part of other projects like gardening and raising livestock. It’s win-win!

Who can be involved in 4-H?

4-H membership is open to all youth ages 5 – 19. Adult volunteer leaders are an important part of the county 4-H program as well.  We welcome you to call us or come by the county office and learn more about how to get your kids – or yourself- involved in Clark County 4-H!  

How do I become a 4-H member?

Becoming a 4-H member is easy.  Visit and click Join 4-H.  Membership is FREE.
Explore our Arkansas 4-H page to see more of what 4-H has to offer.

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