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Arkansas Local Government

Image of the Total County Revenue Per Capita for Arkansas Countiesap.

Residential services provided by local governments are under constant pressure from a changing population and economy. Our Local Government program provides community members and local officials with resources to plan the provision of infrastructure and services in the changing economic climate of the state. 

COVID-19 Coronavirus

Local governments have been on the front line in responding to and helping control the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. They are also asked to assist local businesses to survive until the pandemic is under control. These are enormous tasks given the limited resources of local governments.

The first task is to help ensure that the pandemic is under control. This will not only save lives but will also minimize the cost to businesses and the local economy. There are many resources available to understand what needs to be done to control the pandemic. For the latest updates and information, please visit the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Coronavirus update site

Program Resources

Randolph County courthouse

County Government Finance

Browse our print and electronic resources concerning county government finance in Arkansas. 

Explore county government finance

Property tax map of Arkansas

Arkansas Property Taxes

Visit the Property Taxes page to learn about our print and electronic resources concerning property taxes in Arkansas.

Learn more about Arkansas property taxes

Red silhouette map of Arkansas overlain with the text "Strengthening Arkansas Communities"

Interlocal Agreements

Download the Interlocal Agreements fact sheet to learn how local governments in Arkansas work together to provide services and infrastructure to their communities.


Image of the Arkansas Wet/Dry Map

Arkansas Wet/Dry Map

The legal status of alcohol sales in Arkansas varies among and within counties.  This map will help you break down the law in every county in the state. This map shows the legal status of alcohol sales by county in 2018.

Check Out the Map

 Property tax webinar opening screen

Property Assessment Webinars

A series of five webinars about property assessments in Arkansas is available to watch online.

Watch the webinars now

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