UACES Facebook LeadAR Class 20 Member Spotlight: Wendell Scales Jr.
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LeadAR Class 20 Member Spotlight: Wendell Scales Jr.

by Lisa Davis - September 14, 2023

Wendell Scales Jr. Let’s introduce another member of LeadAR Class 20. Wendell Scales Jr. is the deputy director of innovation at Arkansas Lighthouse Charter Schools. We asked him to respond to the following questions.

Why did you apply to the LeadAR program? What motivated you?

I was motivated by the mission of LeadAR. Understanding key issues and opportunities within our state creates a greater capacity to strengthen our education and workforce sector, especially in AgriSTEM.

What leadership quality do you admire most in others? Why?

Some of the top qualities in leaders I admire most are: Integrity, Innovative, Visionary, Tech-Savvy, Problem Solver. These are essential qualities to survive as a leader in the current landscape.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Why is this surprising?

I have a twin sister and my zodiac sign is Gemini / Cancer cusp. My family has quite a few sets of twins.

What are your top three ingredients necessary for success?

My top three ingredients for success are: Lifelong Learner, Coalition Builder, Passion for Community

What are your top three ingredients necessary for happiness?

My top three ingredients for necessary happiness are: Find Humor in Everything (Laugh), Fitness/Wellness Journey, Strong friendships.

Describe your personal leadership style.

I would describe my leadership style as transformational.

What is something you hope to gain from your LeadAR experience?

I am excited about using the resources to implement a transformational leadership service project that supports our state through education.

How can effective leadership help move the state of Arkansas forward?

Effective leadership can inspire the next generation while focusing on defined goals and outcomes crucial to our economy's success.

You are stranded on a desert island. What are your three MUST HAVE items?

Hunting Knife, Water Source for Drinking, Box of Matches

What else do you want others to know about you?

Grew up in Carlisle, Arkansas. Graduate of Lonoke High School. I have a passion for youth development, especially underrepresented populations, and communities. I am committed to working with key stakeholders to develop and create pathways that align with our state needs but are also focused on the future of work.