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Cybersecurity and FOCI Resources

by Kim Magee - November 1, 2023

cybersecurity graphicMore resources to help you SAFELY perform your roles in the government marketplace?

Below, we offer a collection of Cybersecurity and Foreign Ownership, Control and Influence (FOCI) Resources along with helpful links to websites, content and free resources. 

CMMC/Cybersecurity Compliance Resources
DOD CMMC Resource Page - Resources to assist government contractors in understanding and complying with CMMC/cybersecurity requirements.

Project Spectrum - Project Spectrum is working with APEX Accelerators to assist small businesses in achieving compliance with CMMC/cybersecurity requirements. 

Foreign Ownership, Control and Influence (FOCI) Resources
FOCI Frequently Asked Questions - FOCI is a status or situation in which a contractor with access to classified information has some foreign investment or association with foreign interest. Learn more about the federal government’s requirements relating to FOCI. - The official website of DOD OSBP. It contains additional information, news, events, and other items of interest for those interested (or currently engaged) in doing business with the DOD.

CMMC & FOCI News of Note

NDAA Continues Trend of Supply Chain Vigilance to Reduce Reliance on China
This year’s House and Senate proposals for the annual National Defense Authorization Act “continue the trend of vigilance of defense-critical supply chains to reduce the Defense Department’s reliance on China, Russia and other so-called “countries of concern.”” Read the article here

What Do the Newly Released CMMC 2.1 Documents Mean?
What are the important takeaways from the most recently released CMMC program documents? This podcast “breaks down assessment guides and the scoping guidance for CMMC Levels 1, 2 and 3.” View the podcast here.