UACES Facebook LeadAR Class 19 Member Spotlight: Scott Bass
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LeadAR Class 19 Member Spotlight: Scott Bass

by Lisa Davis - February 2, 2021

Scott Bass, LeadAR Class 19

What are your top three ingredients necessary for success? Scott Bass says, “accomplishing personal goals, accepting change, and listening.” Learn more in this month's LeadAR Spotlight.

Scott Bass is a deputy director with the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in North Little Rock responsible for response and recovery. He leads a team of professionals who manage the Arkansas Response and Coordination Center, Area Coordination Branch, Mitigation Branch, Operations Branch, and Recovery Branch.

Bass chairs the Emergency Administration Management Advisory Board at Arkansas Tech University and is a member of the Arkansas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters board.

Bass holds a bachelor of science degree in Emergency Management from Arkansas Tech University and completed the Executive Leadership Program in 2017 at the Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterey, Calif.

We asked him to share his answers to the following questions.

Why did you apply to the LeadAR program? What motivated you?
To continue with personal and profession leadership growth. I also want to encourage other leaders to understand emergency management in Arkansas.

What leadership quality do you admire most in others? Why?
Leaders with the ability to listen is important to me, and I think it’s important to others. Everybody has something to say and many ideas and good policy changes come to those that listen to each other.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? Why is this surprising?
Many people are surprised to learn I am not originally from Arkansas and was born in upstate New York.

What are your top three ingredients necessary for happiness?
Having healthy relationships, being able to forgive, and knowing when to take a vacation.

Describe your personal leadership style.
I understand it takes a great team to accomplish goals and objectives. I encourage open discussion and dialogue to direct the actions and decisions that need to be taken.

What is something you hope to gain from your LeadAR experience?
Building solid relationship and learning from leaders outside of emergency management.

How can effective leadership help move the state of Arkansas forward?
Effective leadership will continue to make progress regardless of the challenges. Leaders should be able to find solutions for the greater good.

You are stranded on a desert island. What are your three MUST HAVE items?
Bible, utility tool, and rope.

What is something that was difficult for you six months ago but easy for you now?
Being able to adapt to ongoing changes. COVID-19 has really made me realize that life and plans can change quickly. Not knowing what is on the horizon is difficult, but I've had to learn to go with the flow and not be overly stressed.