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The Arkansas Garden with Randy Forst

The Arkansas Garden with Randy Forst

Do you have an Arkansas Garden? Get our timely tips for home gardeners from horticulture specialist and Master Gardener Coordinator, Randy Forst!

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Have you started your Arkansas Garden?

What is The Arkansas Garden?

The Arkansas Garden is a one-stop shop for home gardeners in Arkansas. It is full of resources on timely gardening chores, vegetable, flower and other landscape planting guides, what flowers are in bloom, and other gardening topics.

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On our Instagram page, you can find timely tips, videos of Randy sharing gardening facts, gorgeous-garden photos, sharable garden guides, and more!

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If you share photos or videos of your Arkansas Garden on Instagram, please use the hashtag #TheArkansasGarden so we can see it! We love to see what Arkansans are working on in their garden.

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The Garden Guides

Our monthly garden guides are designed with the home gardener in mind. Beginners and seasoned gardeners alike can get something out of this series.

We have included in each month recommended garden chores, a vegetable planting guide, and a flower planting guide, as well as other timely tips!

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Randy Forst
Meet Randy!

The Arkansas Garden Blog

Randy also has a blog with timely gardening tips, such as Randy's favorites plants for Arkansas gardens and what to do in your yard when the temperature drops too low. He also shares about the Master Gardener program! 

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Who is Randy Forst?

Randy Forst is a consumer horticulture specialist at Arkansas Cooperative Extension and also acts as the Master Gardener coordinator for the Master Gardener program.


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