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Arkansas Cooperative Extension Social & Digital Media 

At Extension, we believe the use of social media is a way to digitally connect and communicate with others -- co-workers, clients, business partners and potential new clients. 

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Getting Started with Facebook Groups - For Employees and Volunteers

Facebook groups are an important part of connecting clubs and groups like Master Gardeners and 4-H clubs. However it is important that rules are followed when maintaining and setting up a private group. Below are official rules:

  1. Use the words ‘Official Extension ____ Club’ in your group name.
  2. Official club logos are NOT permitted on groups that are not official.
  3. Include in the ‘About’ section of your group profile links to the contact information for agents that are admins of the group.
  4. Facebook groups should be registered (see link at the bottom of this page) with admin agent names and Extension email addresses.
  5. It is required that TWO Extension employees be admins of the group.
  6. Personal opinions, religious or political posts (shared or posted directly) are prohibited on all Extension social media accounts even if maintained by volunteers.

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