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Staying Home for Halloween

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Staying Home for Halloween - keeping Halloween safe and fun for 2020.

by Original content: Heather Jackson, Pike County | Adapted for blog: Katie Cullum, White County

Are you staying home for Halloween with your kids and need some ideas to help make it a fun evening? Never fear, At Home with UAEX is here! Here are a few ideas on creating a spooky and fun evening at home with your family.  

Try creating a spooky table setting with do it yourself (DIY) ghost leaves. Gather leaves, paint them white, and add two dots for eyes once the white paint is fully dry to create DIY ghost leaves. You can also string them together to make a Halloween garland.  

If you have some witches and wizards in your house on Halloween, be sure to make some slime to keep them entertained and to add to the spooky experience 

Need some boo-utiful Halloween decorations? Just have your kids cut out their handprints into paper ghosts!

They can work on their cutting skills while also creating Halloween décor for a fun evening. Once the paper handprints are cut out, kids can add eyes and glue them to a banner cutout. You are all set for a ghoulish night! 

Watch your family favorite Halloween movie together and make it an exercise challenge. Every time someone yells “BOO!” do a 30-second plank or if someone screams, do 10 sit ups. Feel free to create your own cues! 

Play a fun and easy game of pin the spider on the web. See who can put the spider closest to the center of the web! Be sure no one peaks!  

If spiders are too scary, play toilet paper mummies! Pass out a few rolls of toilet paper to your kids and watch them wrap each other up with fun.