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Man driving distracted by hands-free cell phone use.
Are you driving distracted?!

by Amy Monk, Montgomery County FCS Agent/Staff Chair

People face distracted driving risks on every trip, from the driveway to the parking lot and back home again. Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long periods of time each day. Almost everyone has seen a driver distracted by a cell phone, but when you are the one distracted, you often don't realize that driver is you.

New technology in vehicles is causing us to become more distracted behind the wheel than ever before. Fifty-three percent of drivers believe if manufacturers put "infotainment" dashboards and hands-free technology in vehicles, they must be safe. And, with some state laws focusing on handheld bans, many drivers honestly believe they are making the safe choice by using a hands-free device. But in fact, these technologies distract our brains long after using them. Make no mistake, this multitasking technology is about convenience, not safety.

Consider taking the Just Drive Pledge.

The Just Drive Pledge:

I pledge to Just Drive for my own safety and for others with whom I share the roads. I choose to not drive distracted in any way – I will not:

  • Have a phone or text conversation – handheld, hands-free, or via Bluetooth
  • Use voice-to-text features in my vehicle's dashboard system
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube or other social media
  • Check or send emails
  • Take photos (including selfies) or film videos
  • Input destinations into GPS (while the vehicle is in motion)
  • Call or message someone else when I know they are driving

You can learn more about this and other safety issues at You can also take the Just Drive Pledge online at NSC Just Drive Pledge. Help make the roads safer for everyone.


Revised: 3/14/2022