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Dining In For Halloween

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This year try dining in for Halloween!

by Original content: Heather Jackson, Pike County | Adapted for blog: Katie Cullum, White County

This Halloween if you are staying in with your family, make it a point to eat dinner together. The routine of family meals can generate feelings of closeness and comfort. Most research suggests that both parents and children value sharing a meal together. It offers time to talk and listen to each other. This simple act of regular mealtimes can provide your child with stability. This is also a great opportunity for parents to model healthy eating habits.  

Make some table decorations beforehand to help make family dinner more special. Allow your kids to collect dry

fall leaves
Paint the leaves white. Then add dots for eyes. Put them on the table or string together for a garland.

leaves from outside. Then paint the leaves white. After the paint is dry, add to dots for eyes and you can lay the leaves on your kitchen table around a centerpiece or even string together the leaves to make a garland to hang in your dining area.  

Here are 5 tips for making dining in easy and enjoyable: 

  1. If dinnertime doesn’t work, have family breakfasts or snacks.
  2. Keeps meals simple. Slow cookers save time in the evening. 
  3. Make family meals fun and include children in food preparation.
  4. Eliminate distractions such as TV and cell phones or other electronic devices.
  5. Eat slowly and enjoy your time as a family.