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Walk Across Arkansas Spring 2022


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by Original content by Heather Wingo | adapted for blog by Katie Cullum

Getting back into the step of things with Walk Across Arkansas 

The Spring 2022 Walk Across Arkansas session is gearing up with registration starting February 28th! Walk Across Arkansas strives to increase physical activity levels in participants through an eight week, online, group-based program. The Spring 2022 session will be held March 14th through May 15th.  

31% of adults and 32% of youth in Arkansas are physically inactive. The link between physical activity and chronic disease prevention is well established. Physical activity is one of the most important things an individual can do for their health. Regular physical activity is one of the most effective disease prevention behaviors.

Physical activity programs can:

  • Reduce feelings of depression
  • improve stamina and strength
  • reduce obesity
  • reduce risks of cardiovascular disease

Walk Across Arkansas is based on the evidence-based Walk Kansas program. It uses group dynamic strategies as well as individual goal setting and self-monitoring to facilitate behavior change. The best thing is, more than walking is allowed! You can do any type of physical activity if you increase your heart rate or break a sweat. National physical activity guidelines recommend that adults achieve at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity and two strength training sessions per week. Other examples of activities are hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, or even yardwork. 

Walk Across Arkansas participants have shared that they have had more energy, slept better, strengthened their relationships, lost weight or inches, improved their blood pressure, improved their blood panels, and even controlled their stress. 

In 2021, a total of 2,290,874 physical activity minutes were reported by 1,219 participants on 293 teams. Let’s all work together in bettering our health this spring! Register to be on a Walk Across Arkansas team online at We hope you join us as we get back into the step of things this season!