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Special Farming Programs in Arkansas

Below is a list of several special agriculture and education programs we offer in Arkansas. From Citizen Science surveys and participation to backyard beekeeping, we have a number of programs available to Arkansans.

Tick on person's skin

Arkansas Tick Study

Statewide project where we ask that Arkansans help collect tick samples to better understand disease-causing agents using DNA sequencing technologies.

AgrAbility | Special Programs | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension


A national project funded through the USDA that provides education and assistance to farmers and agricultural workers who are restricted because of a limiting health condition.

Agritourism | Special Programs | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension


Any activity, enterprise or business designed to increase farm and community income providing educational and/or recreational experiences and helping sustain and build awareness of the rural quality of life.

Aquaculture | Special Programs | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension


Farm ponds, fisheries and most all things aquatic is available from the Aquaculture / Fisheries Center at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Apiculture - Beekeeping | Special Programs | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension


The study of honey bees and the practice of maintaining or keeping bees in order to collect honey or wax, for the pollination of plants, or to produce bees for sale to other beekeepers.

Farm Safety | Special Programs | Farm & Ranch | Arkansas Extension

Farm Safety

Resources include accident prevention measures  for common agricultural hazards such as tractors and grain bins.