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Annual Ryegrass

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Field view of annual ryegrass in spring.
Annual ryegrass seedheads are long, spike-like, flattened, with alternating spikelets.
Annual ryegrass auricles are long finger-like, and clasp around the stem.
Ryegrass auricles (left) are long and clasping. Tall fescue may have one long auricle and one stubby auricle (right) or both may be short,stubby.
The underside of an annual ryegrass leaf appears shiny/glossy.
The ligule of annual ryegrass is a raised membrane-like projection at the base of the leaf. The ligule of tall fescue is a short ridge-like structure.
Seedlings of annual ryegrass are fine, hair-like plants when first emerging from the soil.

About Annual Ryegrass

  • Cool-season annual grass.
  • High quality forage.
  • Major growth period is spring.
  • Reseeds and dies by early summer.