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Lonoke Extension Center

The Lonoke Extension Center has been around since the late 80’s. The mission focuses on adapting and extending University-based research through demonstrations on farmer-owned fields in the east and central part of the state. Lonoke Extension Center is one of the three Cooperative Extension Service managed facilities, the other two being the Jackson County Extension Center and the Little Rock State Office.

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Extension Focus:

  • Weed Science
  • Pathology
  • Entomology
  • Row Crop Agronomy
  • Pond Management
  • Lonoke County Extension Service
  • Applied Research

Unique Features:

  • UAPB Water Management Lab is housed onsite.
  • 3 Greenhouses on location allow for year-round work and graduate student opportunities.
  • County Extension Office located at same facility.
  • The location has no tillable land associated directly with the Center. All projects are done offsite at University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture owned locations or with cooperators on farms. This experience benefits the farmers who have research demonstrations on their land and Extension specialists and county agents learn from these demonstrations and develop meaningful recommendations for farmers throughout the area.

The major purpose of the Lonoke Extension Center is to provide support for Extension demonstration research work in the areas of agronomy and pest management. Specialists working out of this center conduct field trials throughout the surrounding counties in agronomy; soil fertility; and weed, insect, and disease control.


The Lonoke Extension Center consists of two major parts:

  • The Lonoke County Cooperative Extension Building
  • The Lonoke Agriculture Center

The Lonoke County Cooperative Extension Building at the front of the site was constructed in 1983 and has provided excellent working facilities and support for our Cooperative Extension program in Lonoke County.

The Lonoke Agriculture Center, which is located behind the Extension office, has changed over the years to accommodate the growing presence of Extension Specialists and staff. This area includes shop space, offices, greenhouses, and covered storage.

This facility was sponsored by Representative Bill Foster and former Senator Knox Nelson, who were instrumental in securing funding during the 1988 legislative session. The facilities greatly increased the Cooperative Extension Service’s ability to serve farmers in central and eastern Arkansas by providing them with the best possible recommendations in a timely fashion.

As of 2023 to provide uniformity with other Cooperative Extension Service managed properties the Lonoke Agriculture Center and the Lonoke County Cooperative Extension Office will all be included under the title of the Lonoke Extension Center which house both of those facilities.

What is a research demonstration?

A research demonstration is the process of taking University-based research information and demonstrating it under grower conditions so that farmers can see and adapt the latest techniques. Demonstration research also allows Extension to verify research data and to develop from its authoritative recommendations on both crop production and crop protection.

In today's fast-paced world, this process is essential so that new products and technology can be fully evaluated and developed before they enter the marketplace.