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Summer “Hedging” Blueberries

by Ryan Neal - October 30, 2018

A demonstration of summer hedging Northern and Southern Highbush blueberries from 2017-2018


blueberry field pruned in summer

Bill Cline (North Carolina Blueberry Researcher) suggests growers consider making mowing-cuts that will help delay bloom next year. You can mow your field after harvest or after a freeze. (Photo Credit: Bill Cline)

Summer pruning of blueberries is a common practice in North Carolina’s blueberry growing region especially with early season varieties like Duke.  This encourages the growth of new wood which generally has larger berries and delayed bloom.  This delayed bloom can help reduce the risk of freeze injury.  Arkansas and North Carolina share similar growing conditions but it is questionable whether or not Northwest Arkansas has a long enough growing season for adequate new shoot growth and bud set.