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Civil Rights

C.E.S.P. 2-12: Civil Rights Training

Date Revised: 11-11-2004

Supersedes: 4-3-2001

Summary: Establishes policy concerning training to be given to Extension employees in the area of civil rights.

It is the policy of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service that all employees receive appropriate training in the area of civil rights. All employees receive training in civil rights as a part of orientation, but it is the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to see that employees receive specific training as appropriate for the position held.

County Extension Agent - Staff Chair should see that each new faculty member assigned to the county receives training in civil rights as soon as practical after reporting for work. The list below may be used as a guide. The file copy of the Civil Rights documents should be initialed by the faculty member to indicate that he or she has read the material. Replacement copies of the documents may be obtained from the Human Resources Office.  The Civil Rights policies should be reviewed and the major civil rights laws (C.E.S.P. 2-13 Major Civil Rights Legislation) should be individually discussed.

Civil rights training should be an integral part of in-service training programs and Civil Rights issues should be reviewed periodically in office conferences.

Review Civil Rights Documents in County Extension Office Files:

• County Affirmative Action Plan

• Plans and Procedures for Implementations of Title IX

• Compliance Plan - 1987

Review Civil Rights Policy Statements:

C.E.S.P. 2-1 Nondiscrimination Policy

C.E.S.P. 2-2 All Reasonable Efforts

C.E.S.P. 2-3 Notification to Groups of Nondiscrimination Policy

C.E.S.P. 2-4 Public Notification of Nondiscrimination

C.E.S.P. 2-5 Racial Categories

C.E.S.P. 2-6 Membership Areas for Extension Homemakers Clubs (E.H.C.) and 4-H Units

C.E.S.P. 2-8 Complaint Procedures - E.E.O.

C.E.S.P. 2-9 Racial-Ethnic Data Collection

C.E.S.P. 2-10 Record of Clientele Contacts

C.E.S.P. 2-11 Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

C.E.S.P. 2-12 Civil Rights Training

C.E.S.P. 2-13 Major Civil Rights Legislation

C.E.S.P. 2-15 E.E.O. Counselors

C.E.S.P. 2-16 Annual Certification of Nondiscrimination (E.H.C. and 4-H)

C.E.S.P. 2-17 Posting Requirements