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Growth Stages of Pecan

growth stages of pecans

  1. Dormant: Period from leaf drop to bud break
  2. Bud break: Bud scale splits, leaf begins to expand
  3. Pollination: Catkins shed; pollen, stigmas receptive
  4. Water stage: Nut interior fills with water
  5. Gel stage: Immature kernel fills with gel-like substance
  6. Half shell hardening: Resistance felt when making a cross-section cut through nut middle
  7. Dough: Kernel gel begins to solidify
  8. Shuck split: Shucks begin to split, exposing the shell

Pests to Look for During Development Stages

  • Phylloxera - after bud break and before pollination
  • Yellow aphids, pecan nut casebearers, spider mites, walnut caterpillars, and fall webworms - from the water stage through the dough stage
  • Hickory shuckworm - right after gel stage through dough stage
  • Pecan weevil - right after water stage up to shuck split
  • Black aphids - around half shell hardening stage up until shuck split

Read Texas Extension's article on pecan pests for more information. Review MP144 for insecticide recommendations for Arkansas.