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Pope County 4-H - Making the Best Better

Did You Know?

  • 4-H members are 50% less likely than non 4-H members to smoke cigarettes, shoplift, or use illegal drugs
  • 4-H members are 20% more likely to hold a leadership position in their school or community than
    non 4-H members
  • 4-H members are 24% more likely to get involved in projects that “help others” than are non 4-H members
  • 40% of 4-H alumni have completed a college degree, compared to 28% nationwide

What is 4-H?

4-H is a fun and educational program where kids “learn by doing.” It’s a great opportunity for youth to acquire knowledge and skills, and develop healthy lifestyles they can use the rest of their lives. Best of all 4-H is free and reaches more than 134,000 Arkansas youth!


You’re Invited To Join Pope County 4-H!

Pope County 4-H offers many community and project clubs that meet throughout the county and are listed on this webpage.

If you're interested in participating in the Pope County 4-H program, please contact the Pope County Extension Office at 479-968-7098 or the club leader listed below.


4-H Art Club

Michele Wigington
1st and 3rd Tuesday
—10:00 a.m.
Pope County Extension Office

Atkins 4-H Club

Susanne Darter
2nd Monday
—6:30 p.m.
Atkins Methodist Church

Better Together 4-H Club

Shelli Johnson
4th Thursday
—6:00 p.m.
County Extension Office

Busy Beavers 4-H Club

Pat Bocksnick
2nd Sunday
—2:00 p.m.
Dover Methodist Church


Country Kids 4-H Club

Bonnita Bates & Sharon Metzer
3rd Sunday
—2:00 p.m.
Bayliss Fire Department


4-H Hog Showing Club

Joe Wolfe
3rd Sunday
—5:30 p.m.
JBS Offices

Hector 4-H Club

Sarah Samuels
3rd Thursday
—6:00 p.m.
Hector School

Hilltop Kids 4-H Club

Pam Ward
2nd Friday
—6:30 p.m.
County Extension Office


K-Nine Kids 4-H Club

Ashlea & Jennah Spencer
3rd Tuesday
—6:30 p.m.
County Extension Office

4-H Kid Club

Lindsey Porter
1st Monday
—6:00 p.m.
Dover First Baptist Church

4-H Livestock Showing Club

Michelle Bartlett
1st Monday
—6:30 p.m.
Pine Ridge Baptist Church

4-H Rabbit Club

Tiffany McCurrie
4th Monday
—6:00 p.m.
Pope County Extension Office


4-H Robotics Club

Amanda Ballie
Every Thursday
—10:00 a.m.
First Baptist Church of Dover

VEX Practice

Every Thursday
— 4:00 p.m.
Pope County Library
— Russellville

Sequoyah Kids 4-H Club

Emily Nealy
3rd Tuesday
— 1:00 p.m.
Pope County Extension Office

Shooting Sports 4-H Club

Tamara Beck
4th Sunday
—3:00 p.m.
Pless Community Center


Wrangler’s 4-H Club

Susan Danzy
2nd Tuesday
—6:00 p.m.
County Extension Office


Who Can Join?

Anyone age 5-19 can join 4-H. Although there are several ways to be involved, 4-H clubs offer the most fun and
excitement. 4-H clubs are made up of adult volunteers working with a group of young people who want to learn new things, meet new people and have a good time along the way!

Sign up for 4-H!

If you have any questions contact the County Extension Office at 479-968-7098


I pledge:
My Head to clearer thinking

My Heart to greater loyalty

My Hands to larger service

My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world!