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Phillips County, Arkansas Extension Programs

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance.

Smoke Management Guidelines

Did you know that Crop burning is an efficient and economical control method for insects and weed seeds? If you do a prescribed burn please follow the 2018 guidelines.


Robert Goodson, County Agent, scouting cotton for insects.

Commercial Row Crop Agriculture

Row Crop Agriculture is the primary form of agriculture in Phillips County. Each year Result Demonstrations are conducted within various crops (Cotton, Rice, Soybeans, Corn, Grain Sorghum, & Wheat grown in the county.                   

For production information on either of the crops listed or other crops produced in the county you can contact:  Shawn Payne for more information.

Commercial Pecan Production

Though, not a major crop in Phillips County, pecans are still a viable crop. The Phillips County Extension Service provides many services and educational programs for pecan producers. Contact the Phillips County Extension Service for more information about the following programs and services.

Services Available:

  • Soil Testing
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Insect Identification
  • Plant Identification
  • IPM Practices

Educational Programs Available:

  • Pesticide Training
  • Pecan Production

 Other Home Horticulture Services Available:

  • Master Gardener Training
  • Vegetable Production
  • Plant Identification
  • Insect Identification
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Plant Disease Diagnosis
  • Soil Testing
  • Horticulture Maintenance Concerns
  • Fruit Production

Phillips County, Arkansas Economic Development - blue table banner for Building the Future of Phillips County 

Community and Economic Development

Phillips County Extension personnel work with businesses, local organizations, community leaders, and government officials for the growth of Phillips County residents and economy. Extension programs such as LeadAR help to grow tomorrow's community leaders while other programs such as Rural Profile and Policy Development help bring government services to Phillips County. Arkansas Procurement Center helps local business bid on and receive government contracts. Extension service programs help establish farmers market and educate on Policy development and Ballots issues.

Phillips County Master Gardener Program

Phillips County Master Gardeners are working at conducting and maintaining various beautification projects, giving talks to groups interested in horticulture, assisting in teaching and planning future Master Gardeners classes. For more information you can go to our Master Gardener's web page to learn more about the program. Want to Be a Master Gardener? If you interested in becoming a Master Gardener, please contact the Phillips County Extension Service.

Phillips County, Arkansas Cooking School

Phillips County Family & Consumer Science Program

Hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes are all nutrition related diseases and prevalent in Phillips County. The following programs are offered to help address these issues:

  • U of Ark Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
  • UAPB Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Rite-Bite Diabetes Education and Cooking Schools
  • Cook Smart, Eat Smart Cooking Schools
  • Mediterranean Diet Cooking Schools
  • ReShape Yourself

Expanded Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP)

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a program of the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Extension and Research. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Cooperative Extension Service fund the program.

Our Mission

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is to empower individuals, families, and youth with limited resources acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior changes necessary to maintain nutritionally sound diets and enhance personal development.

Who We Help

EFNEP adults focus on educational programs to enhance the quality of the families' diet. The adults are taught in small groups or individually by EFNEP assistants trained by Extension educators. The majority of participants complete the EFNEP curriculum in less than 8 sessions. The EFNEP youth program focuses on providing food and nutrition education to contribute to personal development of youth from families with low income. The youth are taught in summer or year-round enrichment programs conducted by EFNEP assistants and volunteers.


Phillips county 4-H young girl smiling

Phillips County 4-H

Phillips County 4-H is the gateway to positive youth development. There's so much to do and 'learn while doing' in the Phillips County 4-H Program. Youth pledge their HEAD, HEART, HANDS, and HEALTH for the betterment of themselves and their community. Through a variety of projects ranging from fashion to veterinary science, youth learn life skills that benefit them in their home and future work lives. They often practice these skills in club meetings, camps, and community service projects. The overall 4-H experience helps to mold young individuals into healthy citizens in all aspects of life. To join one of the Phillips County 4-H Clubs, contact the Phillips County Extension Office today!