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Jackson County 2022 Agriculture Demonstrations

Row Crop Demonstrations

Rice Large Block Replication

Cooperator: Kent Farms 
Planting Date: Pushed to 2023

Rice Variety Trial Flooded

Cooperator: Kent Farms 
Planting Date: Planted 5/11/2022

Rice Variety Trial Row Water

Cooperator: Haigwood Farms
Planting Date: Not Planted as of 5/13/2022

Corn Variety Trial

Planting Date: Not Planted. Seed Available contact County Agent, Matthew Davis.

Corn Verification Program

Cooperator: Jones Farms 
Planting Date: Planted April 29, 2022
Emergence: May 08, 2022
Fertilizer: 100lbs DAP / 100Ibs Ammonium Sulfate

Cotton Verification Program

Cooperator: Rowlett Farms 
Variety: 411
Planting Date: 04/28/2022
Emergence: 05/13/2022

2022 Forage Demonstrations


Forage Weed Control

Cooperator: Cockrill Farms 
Sprayed: 04/15/22
Rated: 04/28/22

Hay Fertility Demonstration

Cooperator: Cockrill Farms 
Fertilizer Applied:
Rated: 04/28/22


2022 Horticulture Demonstrations


Commercial Strawberry Yield and Consumer Survey

Cooperator: Landreth Berries by Bill 
Planted: October 2021
Estimated Harvest Start: May 1, 2022
Harvest Started: May 5, 2022
To Date Harvest in 1lbs clamshells per 100 Plants:
Camino: 25
Pick Time Average: 20 mins
Sensation: 15
Pick Time Average: 9 mins
Brilliance: 22
Pick Time Average: 12
Keepsake: 4
Pick Time Average: 5 mins
143T35: 7
Pick Time Average 5 mins
146T54: 8
Pick Time Average: 5 mins

State Led Project in Jackson County


Wildlife Discovery Farms

Cooperator: Lacy Farms
Start: 2019
Purpose: Understand Wildlife Enterprises and the affects the Projects have on the environment including water quality.

Poultry Litter Discovery Farm

Cooperator: Haigwood Farms
Start: 2022
Purpose: To verify are current poultry litter fertilizer recommendations and to monitor runoff from fields into waterways.