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"We are still on the Job"

Whatever life may throw at us, we're here with research-backed information to help our fellow Arkansans navigate through any hardship.  As #Arkansas growers continue to feed the world through the @COVID19 crisis, we are #StillOnTheJob.  See how we're connecting with you: 

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Extension Educational Programs & Services
Izard County, Arkansas

The Cooperative Extension Service offers a host of educational programs and services.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact our county Extension Office for assistance. 

Agricultural Programs

  • 300 Day Grazing Program
  • Rotational Grazing
  • Nutrition and Feeding of Beef Cattle
  • Forage Testing and Ration Balancing
  • Stockpile Forages
  • Cool Season Annuals
  • The Benefit of Reducing the Length of Calving Season
  • Understanding Your Hay Test Report
  • Understanding Your Soil Test Report
  • Matching the Quality of Forage to Nutrient Requirements for Developing Supplemental Programs  For more information, contact

Articles by Michael Paskewitz, CEA Staff Chair/Ag Agent

Drought Article  

Fire Prevention Article

Check out the benefits of stockpiling forages! Nutritious and delicious without the cost and time of hay harvest and feeding!  Interested in reducing your winter feeding costs? Contact your local County Agent for more information.



 Izard County Master Gardeners

Old house with seven men and women sitting and standing on the front steps
Master Gardeners at a workday for their "Trimble House" beautification project.

The Izard County Master Gardener Program is offered by the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service and is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and improve quality of life with horticultural projects. Goals are implemented through the training and employment of local volunteers. For more information, contact

Izard County Master Gardeners meet on the first Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Locations of meetings vary. Training new Master Gardeners is done annually usually in February or March provided enough people sign up to take the class.

Objectives of the Master Gardener Program

  • To expand the capabilities of the Cooperative Extension Service to disseminate horticultural information to individuals and groups in the community.
  • To develop community programs related to horticulture. Depending on the needs of the community, these might be landscape improvement activities with civic groups, horticultural therapy projects with nursing homes, or home demonstration gardens designed to improve conditions of minority and/or low-income groups.    
  • Enhance 4-H programs through gardening projects.  
  • To develop a Master Gardener volunteer network that is administratively self-sufficient.

Izard County 4-H

4-H in Izard County offers a wide variety of activities that span across numerous project areas in 4-H.  Youth are able to pick from the project areas such as animal science, healthy living, and robotics.  Project workshops are held throughout the year over a wide variety of topics in the county including gardening, poultry, and nutrition. 

4-H'ers in Izard County have the opportunity to participate in many activities such as:

  • Broiler BBQ and Dairy Foods Contest
  • O'RAMA Competitive Events
  • Garden Project
  • Poultry Chain Project
  • S.T.E.M. Activities
  • Robotics
  • Shooting Sports
  • WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Outdoor Programs)
  • Healthy Living Programs
  • Horse Shows
  • Vet Science

 Additional activities are available upon request.  4-H'ers also take part in various leadership activities as well as community service projects.  A complete family guide is available for families, which gives them an in-depth overview of the 4-H programs. 

For more information about the 4-H Youth Development Program in Izard County, contact the local extension office at 870-368-4323.

Available clubs in Izard County include:

  • Izard County 4-H Shooters Club, Teddy Morehead and Katie Morehead, Leaders
  • ICC Livestock Club, Isaac Blankenship, Leader
  • Footprints 4-HClub, Sherri Stapleton, Leader
  • Mount Pleasant 4-H Club, Natasha King, Leader
  • Izard County 4-H Horse Club, Jessica Crider, Leader
  • Hillbilly 4-H Club,  Jessica Crider, Leaders
  • Wideman 4-H Club, Kenny Stapleton, Leader
  • Melbourne 4-H Club, Erin & Seth Wortham, Leaders     

2022 4-H Poultry Chain                                 

Makaelynn W. Grand Champion Poultry Chain Pen Kacey T. Reserve Champion Poultry Chain Pen

4-H Poultry Chain Grand Champion, Makaelynn

 Makaelynn W. with Kendall Morrison and Rayburn Finley with Farm Bureau, purchaser of Makaelynn's pen of chickens.

4-H Poultry Chain Reserved Champion, Kacey T.

Kacey T. with Rayburn Finley,  purchaser of Kacey's pen of chickens was Farm Bureau.



Food and Nutrition

Programs offered:  Food Preservation, Food Safety, Nutrition Educational Programs, Hands-On Cooking Classes and SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs-Education)

Health and Wellness

Programs offered:  Extension Get Fit (Strong Women and Men, Yoga for Kids, Fit' N 10, Walk Across Arkansas, and Extension Wellness Ambassador) Aging in Place, Clean and Green, Living Well with Diabetes, AgriAbility, and Be Med Wise Arkansas.

Financial Management

Programs offered:  Small Steps to Health and Wealth, Navigating the Financial Journey, Arkansas Saves, Youth Financial Management Programs, College Student Budget, Saving and Investing, Retirement Planning, Financial Smart Start for Newlyweds and Estate Planning.

Volunteering and Leadership

Programs Offered:  EHC (Extension Homemakers Club), and Extension Get Fit Program Leaders.

Marriage, Parenting and Family Life

Programs offered:  Best Care, Best Care Connected, Guiding Children Successfully, the Personal Journey, Managing Stress, Getting Our Hearts Right, The Marriage Garden, The Parenting Journey, and Babysitting Basics.

In each of the priority areas, we offer demonstrations, workshops, multi-session series, meetings, one on one consultation, and train the trainer workshops.  If you would like to see if we have a specific program on a particular topic, please let the FCS Agent know because there is a possibility we will have what you are looking for.  For more information about these programs, please contact Elizabeth Daigle

County EH meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at the Fairgrounds at 6pm.

Four local clubs are located throughout the county and are listed as follows:

  • Franklin EH Club
  • Gid EH Club
  • Redbud EH Club