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Are You Really Just Lucky?

As the different activities and competitions occurred, one sentence was heard over and over, “Oh, you always win; you are so lucky!”

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – For the past several months, 4-H members throughout the county have been very busy.  They turned in Record Books, a comprehensive journal of their project work for the previous year. Many 4-H’ers have already participated in competitions, including BB gun marksmanship, bait casting, bicycle competition, singing, playing instruments, sewing, fashion revue, and giving illustrated talks.  At the 4-H Achievement Banquet, lots of members received awards for their accomplishments in the previous year.  In May, kids submitted photographs for the Ross Photography contest.  Several youth competed in roping and horse show events,   4-H’ers have ordered and planted giant pumpkin and giant watermelon seeds, and some taught safety lessons at schools throughout Garland County. 

     As the different activities and competitions occurred, one sentence was heard over and over, “Oh, you always win; you are so lucky!”  The wording of the sentence varied a bit from time to time but the theme remained the same.  Did luck really play such a big part in the success of those who continuously took home the first place prize?  The following paragraphs contain a list of five common components found to be evident in the lives of those “lucky” ones. 

     The most important key to success is a person’s attitude.  Attitude plays a big part in achieving what a person sets out to do.  Obviously talent and ability are needed, but sometimes sheer determination will make up for a lack of ability.  One must be motivated to excel above the average, and attitude fuels that motivation.

     Success requires that the person have a vision for achieving their goals.  When a person starts with the end in mind, they have a purpose for the work that will go into the desired result.  That vision will help them stay focused and not get so easily sidetracked. 

     Expect obstacles!  Anyone who has ever made it to the top in any area has had to overcome obstacles to get there.  Sometimes the obstacles are small, but usually they are giant!  One moment we are on the top and the next moment on the bottom.  The ability to see those obstacles as learning experiences will make one stronger and better than ever.     

     Be ready to sacrifice.  Be willing to spend time on what is to be achieved.  Sometimes that means giving up free time.  Success can cost money.  A successful person must set priorities that will help them achieve their goals.  One cannot expect to win first place if they do not plan to put in some time and effort to prepare.

     Practice, practice, practice.  A successful person practices a lot!  To do everything to the best of one’s ability requires that time be spent on perfecting their technique.  Whether it is a competition of physical skills or a talk, practice is the only way to ensure the desired results.  One may be “lucky”…but it seems the more one practices, the luckier they become! 

     Being successful is not an accident.  It is not the result of being lucky.  Success takes dedication, sacrifice, practice, and a good attitude!

By Linda Bates
County Extension Agent - 4-H
The Cooperative Extension Service
U of A System Division of Agriculture

Media Contact: Linda Bates
County Extension Agent - 4-H
U of A Division of Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Service
236 Woodbine Hot Springs AR 71901
(501) 623-6841

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