UACES Facebook Randy's Fresh Pick: Possumhaw
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Possumhaw Holly

possumhaw hollyHey, y'all my plant pick for the Month of December Possumhaw (Ilex decidua).

Ilex decidua is a deciduous holly that is commonly called possumhaw. It is one of my favorite hollies.

How do I grow possumhaw holly?

It can grow in all types of soil. It is an upright shrub or small tree with a spreading, rounded crown which typically grows 7-15' tall in cultivation (to 30' in the wild).

Its bark is gray-brown and smooth with occasional warts. If you want to attract birds to the garden, this one will do it!

Plants of this species are mostly dioecious (separate male and female plants), but some plants have perfect flowers (complete flowers with functioning stamens and pistils). For a heavy berry fruit set, plant female plants, with at least one male plant to ensure that pollination will take place.

When should I prune?

Prune to shape in early spring just before new growth begins.

Download our hollies in the home garden fact sheet for more information.