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April 2023 Garden Guide

April showers are well underway! We’ve already seen loads of rain and even tornadoes this month. My thoughts go out to anyone who was affected by these tragic tornadoes. I hope you are all safe and well.

I know many of us are ready and raring to start planting things, but remember there is always the chance of another cold snap, so be sure to wait until after the middle of the month to plant your warm-season plants.

For Central Arkansas, we usually say to wait until after the 10th to plant your warm season plants, but last year, we had a frost on the 13th, so be cautious!

Planting Guide

This is general information for the entire state of Arkansas on what to plant in your garden right now. For specific questions about planting in your area, please reach out to your local county agent.

Vegetable Garden

Flower Garden

  • Calibrachoa

  • Verbena

  • Petunias

  • Begonias

Garden Chores

  • Assess and clean up winter damage

  • Prune summer blooming plants

  • Don’t prune spring blooming plants until they’re finished flowering

  • Don’t plant cool season vegetables after mid-April

  • Wait for warmer weather before planting warm-season vegetables

  • Wait to move houseplants back outside

Pro-Tip: Tips for Tomatoes

  • Transplanting tomatoes gives them the best start.

  • Plant when the soil is warm, soon after the frost-free date.

  • Late plantings may be made in early July for fall harvest and storage.

  • Water the plants thoroughly every two to four days during dry periods.

  • Plants in containers need daily watering.

  • Prune the plants every five to seven days.

  • Do not prune cherry tomatoes.

  • During hot summer weather, pick tomatoes every day or every other day.

For more tips, visit our tomato gardening page