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Canning Blueberry Pie Filling

by Original Author: Debbie Miller, Scott County | Adapted for Blog: Olivia Green, Randolph County

You can preserve easy-to-use, delicious pie fillings at home when fruit is abundant. The key is to use a modified food starch called Clear Jel. Even after canning and baking, this starch produces the correct thickening without becoming stiff or syrupy. The amount of sugar can be adjusted to suit your taste. The designated amount of bottled lemon juice in the recipe must be used to assure poduct safety. During the canning process, the filling expands quite a bit, so leave a little bit extra headspace. So Easy to Preserve, a food preservation book available from the University of Georgia, has several pie filling recipes. Order Clear Jel online, specifying regular Clear Jel, not the instant variety. 

If you have questions about food preservation or ordering these items, contact your local county extension office.