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Thanks to everyone who joined our virtual field trip! 

Why did we host a virtual field trip?

Primocane-fruiting blackberries are valuable to commercial horticulture operations as a way to extend harvest in the fall when market prices peak. This session explored the environmental and economic viability of commercial production of late-season primocane-fruiting cultivars. Current research findings from three cooperating blackberry farms (in two states) was shared regarding the use of Surround (Kaolin Clay) for crop management.  

The virtual field trip was broadcasted live from the Sta-N-Step farm!

View the Virtual Field Trip TRANSCRIPT here


  • University of Arkansas faculty: Sherri Sanders (CEA-Agri/White County);
  • Dr. Terry Kirkpatrick;
  • Dr. Donn Johnson;
  • Dr. Jennie Popp;
  • Leah English;
  • Producer Les Dozier
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We talked about: 

• the differences between primocane and floricane crops,
• general primocane management practices, 
• implications of product use to suppress disease and pests through early- to mid- season, 
• potential consumer acceptance issues with white-washed berries, 
• the use of farm planning and budgeting tools, 
• observations from the grower’s perspective. 



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