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red and black blackberries with leaves
Primocane-fruiting blackberries grown at a research station in Clarksville, Arkansas.

There is little information available in the mid-South on the economic viability or profitability of primocane-fruiting blackberries. 

Essentially all of the blackberry cultivars that are grown in Arkansas and surrounding states are traditional floricane-fruiting cultivars that produce berries from early- to mid-summer. However, there is interest in growing certain Arkansas-released primocane-fruiting cultivars such as Prime-Ark® 45, Prime-Ark®Freedom, or Prime-Ark® Traveler to provide berries in late-summer and early-fall when market prices are at a peak.

Unfortunately, high late summer temperatures can have a negative impact on primocane-produced fruit production and quality.

The use of mineral particle films such as kaolin clay (Surround WP®) to lower leaf temperatures and protect plants from solar injury has been suggested as a way to enhance primocane fruit production. 

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