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University of Arkansas Plant Evaluation Program

The University of Arkansas Plant Evaluation Program was initiated in 1999 with the purpose of evaluating new or underutilized ornamental plants on a statewide basis.

The program is unique among university programs in that it includes multiple sites that represent three USDA cold hardiness zones. The program also differs from many other programs in that it uses more than one plant at each test site and collects quantitative data in addition to standard qualitative observations. Plants are evaluated for five years and shrubs are never pruned. Information collected from this program will be invaluable in selecting and marketing ornamental plants adaptable to Arkansas.

The program utilizes three different test sites. These sites include: the Hope Research Center (USDA cold hardiness zone 8a), the Little Rock/Cammack property (zone 7a), and the Fayetteville Horticulture Research farm (zone 6b).

Dr. James Robbins and the late Dr. Jon Lindstrom

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