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System Management -Travel

C.E.S.P. 6-3: - Travel Card (T-Card)

New: 1-1-2016


Travel Cards issued by US Bank are special VISA credit cards. They work similarly to your personal credit cards, except the charges are billed directly to the Cooperative Extension Service and paid by Financial Services. Extension supports the use of departmental/administrative travel cards.

UACES employees are expected to make sound business decisions in the best interest of UACES and always comply with the UACES and State policies and procedures. 

Departmental/Administrative Travel Cards (T-Cards) are for business use only! 

The departmental/administrative T-Card allows for the purchase of airfare, registration, lodging, and car rental for individuals traveling on behalf of UACES. This can include employee, student, and guest travel as long as it is for a valid business trip and a Travel Authorization has been approved.

The Administrative T-Card is in the name of the individual within a department who is responsible for the processing of travel related tasks.


Improper use of the Travel Card will result in consequences ranging from suspension of card to termination of employment and possible criminal prosecution.

Definitions in relation to the Travel Card (T-Card)

Billing Cycle - The monthly billing period, ends on the 15th of each month.

Cardholder – A person whose name is on a Travel Card and is given authority to make purchases within preset limits on behalf of UACES.

Cardholder Agreement - The agreement signed by the person whose name appears on the travel card. This agreement outlines the policies regarding using a travel card and must be signed by all persons receiving a travel card.

Monthly Spending Limit - A dollar limitation of purchasing authority assigned to the Cardholder for the total of all charges made during each monthly billing cycle.  The monthly spending limit resets on the 16th of each month.

Administrative Travel Card -A credit card issued to an individual within a department of UACES for the purpose of making authorized purchases on UACES's behalf. UACES will issue payment for charges made with the Travel Card.

Receipt/Documentation - A merchant produced or non-UACES document that records the relevant details for each item purchased including quantities, amounts, and description of what was purchased, the total charge amount and the merchant's name and address (e.g. sales receipt, original invoice, packing slip, credit receipt, etc.).

Transaction/Charge Limit - A dollar limitation of purchasing authority assigned to the Cardholder for each total charge made with the Travel Card.

Obtaining a Travel Card

Maximum Spending Limits on Travel Card

The application is a TRAV-400D template.  Please complete and then forward to Financial Services for processing.

The following limits are the maximum amounts allowable for a Travel Card per month. When the Procurement Authorization is requested, these amounts may be lowered.

  • Monthly Transaction Limit: $5,000
  • Per Transaction Limit $2,500

Cardholder Responsibilities

 Travel Cardholders are responsible for:

  1. Reviewing training materials and signing Cardholder Agreement PRIOR to issuance of a Travel Card.
  2. Keeping their Travel Card and Card Account Number confidential. The only person authorized to use a Travel Card is the person to whom it is issued.
  4. Understanding that intentional misuse or abuse of the Travel Card will result in the immediate revocation of charging privileges and possible disciplinary and criminal prosecution.
  5. Obtaining detailed receipts, when applicable, and turning those receipts into the person in their department responsible for approving the charges, if charges were incurred on an Administrative T-Card.
  6. Obtaining receipts and turning those receipts into the person who is responsible for processing the Travel Claim, if charges were incurred on a T-Card.
  7. Reporting a lost or stolen Travel Card immediately to the Travel Card Administrator at (501)671-2047 and US Bank at 1-800-344-5696.
  8. Not accepting cash in lieu of a credit to the Travel Card account when returns are made.
  9. Making sure that the Travel Claim for trip is filed within 5 days of return.  Claims that are not filed within 30 days of the return of the trip will result in an emailed written warning.  Claims that are not filed within 60 days of the return of the trip may result in the following: emailed written warning, temporary or permanent suspension of the card, and payroll deduction to recover the amount charged.

Authorized Purchases

Allowable Purchases for Administrative T-Card

The employee whose name appears on the Travel Card is authorized and responsible for all charges on the card.  It is the responsibility of every Cardholder to safeguard their card and card number against use by unauthorized individuals within or outside of Extension.

Under no circumstances may the Travel Card be used for items of personal use or Non-Extension purposes.

Allowable Purchases for Administrative T-Card

  • Airfare
  • Registration
  • Car Rentals
  • Lodging
  • Gas
  • Taxi
  • Parking
  • Other valid travel related expenses (supplies/internet related to travel, etc.)

Airfare and registration may be purchased for any traveler for which an approved Travel Authorization is on file.

NOTE: Membership fee may be paid in conjunction with registration fee ONLY if it is a requirement to purchase the registration, and a justification memo is attached to the documentation.

Under no circumstances may the Travel Card be used for items of personal use or Non-Extension purposes.

NOTE: Local official functions (meals) may NOT be charged to the t-card.  Travelers MUST be in travel status to use the card for an official function. 

Unauthorized and/or Inappropriate Card Use

The Travel Card MUST never be used to purchase items that are NOT associated with a valid Travel Authorization, even if the cardholder intends to reimburse Extension.

The purchase of first class tickets or preferred seating is not allowable without prior approval. Purchase of a first class ticket or preferred seating without prior approval may result in the immediate cancellation of the T-card. Alcoholic beverages may NOT be purchased with the T-Card.

A cardholder who makes an unauthorized purchase with a Travel Card, or uses the Travel Card in an inappropriate manner, will be subject to loss of any authority to retain or use the Travel Card; disciplinary action up to and including termination; and possible criminal prosecution and restitution.

Consequences of Unauthorized and/or Inappropriate Card Use

The Travel Card (T-Card) must never be used to purchase items for personal use or for non-UACES purposes. A cardholder who makes an unauthorized purchase with the T-Card, or uses the card in an inappropriate manner will be subject to disciplinary action including possible card cancellation, termination of employment and criminal prosecution.

In cases of inappropriate card use, personal purchases, splitting transactions, purchasing non-allowable items or purchasing items that should be purchased via a requisition the Cardholder will received disciplinary action as noted per offense: 

  1. First Offense-   If a charge is found to be inappropriate/non-allowable (i.e. should have been purchased via a requisition) a written warning from Financial Services will be given to the cardholder and additional training will be offered.
  2. Second Offense- A second offense charge will result in the Cardholder being suspended from making purchases up to 120 days.  The cardholder and their immediate supervisor will be notified by e-mail of the offense.  To reinstate privileges, a memo from the Cardholder’s immediate supervisor giving adequate justification will be required. Upon receipt and approval of that justification, Financial Services will require the cardholder to complete an on-line training session on the procedures and regulations on use of the T-Card.


If a cardholder has habitual inappropriate use of the T-Card, they will be suspended from use of the card.  The cardholder and their supervisor will be notified by e-mail. To reinstate privileges, a memo from cardholder’s supervisor giving adequate justification will be required. Upon receipt and approval of that justification, Financial Services will establish a time for the cardholder to complete Travel Card on-line training again.

If a cardholder is suspected of making fraudulent purchases, the cardholder’s card will be immediately suspended and their supervisor will be notified by email. A further investigation will be conducted and possible criminal prosecution and termination of employment may occur.

Purchase Process

When purchasing Airline Tickets, the Travel Card may be used to purchase airfare through a Travel Agency or an internet site in good standing.

If you are ordering over the phone you should provide:

  • Account Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Provide complete billing and delivery address

Airfare Returns and Exchanges

  • Most of the airline tickets that Extension purchases are non-refundable. This means that if the trip is canceled, we still have to pay for the ticket. In many instances, though, a portion of the value of the ticket can be used on another trip.

What Do I Do With My Receipts?

Whether a purchase is made in person or via telephone, internet, fax, or mail, the Cardholder is responsible for obtaining purchase documentation from the merchant. The following types of purchases will REQUIRE receipt documentation.

Administrative T-Card

Airfare: The following information MUST be clearly identified on the documentation:

  • Passenger Name
  • Dates of Travel
  • Destination
  • Cost of Ticket
  • Merchant Name


  • Name of person who is registered
  • Cost of the Registration
  • Name of the Meeting, Conference, etc

Other receipts:

  • Itemized Lodging Receipt
  • Itemized Car Rental Receipt
  • Other receipts as deemed appropriate per Travel Regulations

These documents MUST be given to the administrative person in your department responsible for completing the T-card paperwork and filing your Travel Claim for expenses related to trip.  The receipts will be sent in with the statement, authorization to pay, and copies of all authorizations.

Habitual failure to submit documentation may result in the suspension of the card.

Billing Process

US Bank (USB) will bill UACES each month.  The current USB Visa billing statement will be available on the U.S. Bank website for each billing cycle following the last day of the billing cycle.  These periods from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month will be known as “billing cycles”.  If there are no purchases during a particular billing cycle, no forms need to be completed.  After each billing period, the Cardholder must verify and correct any fund or organization numbers that are incorrect on their monthly billing. 

Within 5 calendar days after the USB Visa billing statement is available on the U. S. Bank website, the Cardholder must reconcile the Monthly Activity Log and receipts with the statement and obtain the appropriate supervisor approval.  The Cardholder should forward the approved monthly activity log and the original receipts to Financial Services by the end of the month.  All purchases for the billing cycle will be charged to the default fund/org unless the information is revised on the US Bank website.  The Cardholder or designee is responsible for reallocating the fund/org# on the U.S. Bank website.  The cardholder must notify the Accounts Payable Manager if the default fund/organization coding string is to be changed on any purchases.

If the expense funding/org reallocation is not completed by the deadline, the default fund/org coding will be used for the distribution of charges.  It is imperative that the Cardholder complete the billing distribution by the stipulated deadline.  Payment transfers from the default coding will be monitored to determine if there is a consistent pattern of noncompliance.

Disputing a Charge

If the cardholder and the supplier cannot resolve the issue, a Cardholder Dispute Form must be completed and mailed or faxed to the Travel Card Administrator, Accounts Payable Manager -LRSO-Financial Services. Regardless of the status of the dispute, payment will be made to US Bank. Adjustments will be made upon resolution.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Travel Card

  • Cardholders are required to immediately report any lost or stolen Travel Card to US Bank toll-free at 1-800-344-5696 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). The cardholder MUST also immediately notify the Travel Card Administrator at the first opportunity during normal business hours at (501)671-2047.

 Post Auditing of Charges

Travel Cards statements and corresponding receipts will be audited by Financial Services.

Internal and Legislative Auditors will also be reviewing T-Card receipts for compliance.