UACES Facebook C.E.S.P. 4-16: Inclement Weather & Office Closing
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CESP 4-16: Inclement Weather & Office Closing

Date Revised:  2-25-2015
Supersedes: 12-2-2011

Summary: Establishes the policy to be followed in the event that business operations are interrupted by inclement weather.

In general, disruption of Extension operations as a result of inclement weather falls into one of the following categories: Delayed Opening, Early Dismissal, or Closure. Although Extension does not normally close its offices because of hazardous driving conditions, our obligation to provide services to clientele must be balanced with the risk of danger to Extension employees.

Delayed Opening

In the event of a “Delayed Opening,” the building does not open for business at the normal time. Extension Administration will publicly announce the specific time at which business operations and offices will be open to employees and the public.

Employees are expected to arrive at the designated office opening time and, if so, will not be charged for late arrival.

Employees who arrive after the announced “Delayed Opening” time will be charged leave from the delayed opening time to their arrival. Employees have the option of reporting this as annual leave or as leave without pay.

Employees whose shift begins after the delayed opening time should report to work as regularly scheduled.

Employees who do not come to work at all will be charged a full day’s absence from normal opening time to the end of the day.

Early Dismissal

In the event of “Early Dismissal,” offices will close and regular business operations will cease at the time announced by Extension Administration. Normal business operations will commence at the regularly scheduled time on the next work day.

Employees leaving work at the announced “Early Dismissal” time will be given credit for a full day’s attendance.

Employees leaving work before that time will be charged annual leave or leave without pay between their departure and the announced “Early Dismissal” time.

Employees who did not come to work at all will be charged a normal full day’s absence.


In the event of “Closure,” regular business operations and offices will be closed both to employees and the public. The absence will be considered official time. Normal business operations will commence at the regularly scheduled time on the next work day.


Employees are responsible for notifying their supervisors in accordance with department and policy guidelines if they will be late or will not be at work.

Employees who are tardy or who do not come to work at all must submit their leave for supervisor approval in Workday.

Employees who received prior approval to be absent for work on a day that becomes designated as an inclement weather, delayed opening, early dismissal, or closure day will not receive inclement weather leave with pay for the period of the previously approved absence. The absence should be charged to annual or sick leave, as appropriate. Employees who are not absent but have prior approval to take leave for part of the day (e.g., for a dental appointment) will receive inclement weather leave with pay as indicated in previous paragraphs for employees who come to work.

If business operations are interrupted by inclement weather, temporary employees who miss work will not receive compensation for time missed unless the weather-related interruption has occurred during their regularly scheduled work time.

Employees who have scheduled meetings in conference, classroom, or auditorium space on days when business operations are interrupted by inclement weather are responsible for notifying participants traveling from outside the greater Little Rock area.

The Director of Facilities Management will notify outside businesses or organizations that have reserved classroom or auditorium space.

Extension personnel located at other locations should follow the inclement weather policy of their location, e.g., employees on the UAF campus. In special circumstances, such as an office building being closed by order of the County Judge, Extension Administration will determine if adjustments to office hours are needed and will communicate that to the affected individuals.

If a department has designated and trained certain employees as “weather essential personnel,” those employees must report to work at their regularly scheduled start time regardless of announced weather status (or must remain at work regardless of announced early dismissal).

Announcement of Inclement Weather/Closing - State Office Complex

By 6:00 a.m., announcement of inclement weather procedure in effect, delayed opening, or office closure for the LRSO and the Lonoke Agricultural Center will be posted at, on the Employees Only website, and on the main Extension phone line at 501-671-2000. If no opening status is posted, regular business hours are in effect. 

RAVE Alert is the official emergency notification system for the Little Rock State Office and Lonoke Research Center. RAVE allows employees to quickly receive emergency notifications and important announcements via text messages, email, and recorded voice messages. RAVE uses the work phone number and email from the Workday profile. To receive messages on a personal phone, please visit Adding/Changing Your Contact Info in Workday for Rave Alert System