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Ag News November 2017


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November 1, 2017

Is It Raining Pooh? 

Yes, if you have oak trees close to your home, you probably have noticed the small pelleted debris falling. It may sound like rain, as the small pellets hit the leaves below, on the way down.
The culprit causing the messiness is the Variable OakLeaf Caterpillar.

November 1, 2017



What Is This Sticky Stuff?

Hackberry trees have been great shade trees for years, until the last 20 years or so , when an invasive pest from China, the Asian Wooly Hackberry Aphid, accidentally was brought into the U.S.

 November 2, 2017

 Beautiful Time of The Year

All seasons provide color, but fall seems to have all kinds of surprises when the green leaves change to everything from bright yellow to scarlet. I am sure each of you has a favorite species of tree that comes to mind that you look forward to viewing when fall rolls around.
What is it that gives the leaves their fall color?