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Are You Looking for Some Excitement?

Are you looking for something to do? Do you enjoy helping others? EHC may be for you!

Nashville, Ark. – Are you looking for something to do? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you like to learn new things? If so, being a member of the Howard County Extension Homemakers organization may be for you. Extension Homemakers is a group of people who learn new skills to improve their lives, and those around them. They enjoy helping out those in their community by recognizing needs and meeting the needs of others. They also learn new leadership skills through opportunities in their clubs.

            The Arkansas Extension Homemaker organization is one of the largest nonprofit volunteer groups in the state with a membership of over 4,000 and over 350 clubs. In Howard County, we have a membership of approximately 50 members in seven clubs. While most of the clubs are centrally located, the ideal goal is to have clubs in all parts of the county. We want new clubs and members!

            The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service provides education to help Extension Homemakers learn tips and techniques for improving their lives. Many of the educational programs focus on nutrition, health and wellness, financial management, and family life. There are also opportunities for members to learn things in fun and unique ways. Just consider some of the exciting new programs that are scheduled for the upcoming months. Travel tips, learning to preserve foods, decorating ideas, learning how to use new appliances on the market, how to prune trees, and taking care of your health are just a few of the educational opportunities.

            Helping their communities improve is another goal of EHC. Many members volunteer to help with blood drives, elections, helping people in need and providing needed items for local and state hospitals. Recently, Howard County EHC members learned how the projects they are doing in our county help patients at UAMS in Little Rock. Jennifer Huie, Volunteer Coordinator  and Erin Gray, Director of Volunteer Services and Auxiliary for UAMS spoke to the group about how the lap blankets, quilts and baby blankets EHC provides makes a difference for those in the hospital and their families.

             The blankets help patients feel more at ease and at home. Many of the patients who receive the blankets never leave the hospital. Blankets are then given to their families. The baby blankets are given to mothers who carry their babies to full term and deliver stillborn. The blanket allows them to hold the baby and gives them comfort in the difficult days ahead. EHC is providing a needed service.

            Extension Homemakers also have fun! They invite new people to join their clubs and become active in their communities. They take trips to explore new opportunities and learn new things.

            In Howard County, there are seven clubs with a membership of approximately 50 members. Extension Homemakers is for available for anyone regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

            If you would like to learn more about EHC or how to become a member, contact the Howard County Extension Service at 870-845-7517 or visit our office located on the second floor of the courthouse.

Recipe of the Week

            Wyatt Hanney, a member of the Super 4-Hers Club, shared this winning recipe. Wyatt made this delicious recipe for the recent 4-H Dairy Foods Contest where he won 1st Place in the Main Dish Category. Wyatt is the son of Michael and Kristi Hanney.

Pizza Rigatoni Pie

1 lb. rigatoni                                                   

2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided            

1 1/2 c. grated mozzarella cheese, divided    

1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese, divided           

1 c. ricotta cheese

1 large egg                                                      

1 Tbsp. whole milk

Kosher salt

Freshly ground black pepper

1 (13 oz.) jar pizza sauce, divided

1/4 c. pepperoni

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large pot of salted boiling water, cook rigatoni until very al dente, about 8 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water. Transfer to a large bowl and toss with 1 tablespoon olive oil. To the pasta, add ½ cup mozzarella and ¼ cup parmesan cheese and mix to combine. Set aside. In a small bowl, combine ricotta, egg, milk, salt and pepper. Set aside. To build the pizza: Brush a 9-inch springform pan with remaining tablespoon olive oil. Spread bottom and edges with ¼ cup pizza sauce. Standing the rigatoni upright, tightly pack it to fill the pan. Spoon over ricotta mixture and press down with back of spoon to fill rigatoni. Repeat process with remaining pizza sauce. Top rigatoni with remaining mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, then with pepperoni. Bake for 30 minutes or until bubbly and golden brown. Yield: 6 servings.

By Jean Ince
County Extension Agent - Staff Chair
The Cooperative Extension Service
U of A System Division of Agriculture

Media Contact: Jean Ince
County Extension Agent - Staff Chair
U of A Division of Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Service
421 N. Main St, Nashville AR 71852
(870) 845-7517


The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service is an equal opportunity/equal access/affirmative action institution. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate or need materials in another format, please contact your County Extension office (or other appropriate office) as soon as possible. Dial 711 for Arkansas Relay.

The Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status, and is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.