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About the Calendar

 The UACES Calendar of Events includes information about activities within the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service up to three years in the future.   

1. Help!  Who do I contact if I need help with anything that is calendar related?

2. How do I enter events for the calendar?

3. How do I search for events?

4. Can I see a detailed overview of events in a list?

5. How do I add an event to my personal calendar?

6. Can I send an email to friends about an event that I think will interest them?

7. How do I see where a specific event is being hosted?

8. Do "tags" group related events?                        

9. Are Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds available?

10. What is the driving force behind the UACES Calendar of Events?

11. Calendar 101


Help! Who do I contact if I need help with anything that is calendar related?

Have questions?  Need to know how to tag your events?  Need help entering events?  We have designated employees assigned to help in different areas.  Please check the chart below or feel free to email us at

Contact Area of Support
Amy Hedges (501) 671-2001 Amy provides support for Dr. Bob Scott (Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension and Director, Cooperative Extension Service) and support units that report to him; Compliance and the Division; as well as Vic Ford, Assoc. Dir Ag. & Nat. Resources, and the ANR Departments.
Kelley Cochran (501) 671-2024 Kelley provides support for Jerry Clemons and the Delta District counties.
Holly Beason (501) 671-2020 Holly provides support for Carla Due and Ouachita District counties.
Sherry Funderburg (501) 671-2016 Sherry provides support for Sharon Reynolds and Ozark District counties.


How do I search for events?

The UACES Calendar of Events offers users several search options.  To see what's happening on a specific day, select the desired date in the calendar grid on the Calendar home page; the list of events for that date will appear in chronological order. To select a future date, from the calendar grid, using the double-arrows located on each side of the displayed month, navigate to a future month and then select the desired day within that month.                       

To view events within a given week, select the "week" view located in the red bar located above the calendar grid. From the calendar view, you will notice that all days within the week are highlighted. To get back to today's events, select the "today" view.

To find a particular type of event:

On the left side of the calendar there is a list of categories.  Selecting each category will display all events which have been tagged for that category.  

Calendar filtering options
Expanding categories will allow calendar users to see more specific events.

Categories with a plus sign (+) next to them (such as "Farm & Ranch") can be expanded for additional selection options. For example, select the category "Farm & Ranch" and a list of events in that category will appear.  To see more specific events in the Farm and Ranch category, select the plus sign (+) preceding the "Farm and Ranch" category.  Now the Farm and Ranch expands to 4 additional categories, beginning with "Animals and Forages."  Select "Animals and Forages" to see events tagged for "Animals and Forages."  The events shown are a subset of the original events shown under "Farm and Ranch."

The resulting list will be arranged chronologically by date. Please note that, because of the nature of the database, ongoing or recurring events in some categories may contain events with the same name, such as "Pesticide Applicator Training".  Events of this type occur in multiple counties, so be sure and check the event details.                       

To remove the category filter, select "show all" located in the middle column or the word "All" in the Categories located on the left side of the calendar.                       

To search by keyword:

Enter the word(s) related to the item being sought in the Advanced Calendar Search field at the top right-hand side of the Calendar and a list of events containing the word(s) will appear. The list will contain items arranged chronologically by date. 

Here are some things to remember when searching by keyword:

The search engine scans event title, speaker, description, sponsor, and location. Capitalization does not matter. The search engine will match the keyword with all entries containing words that begin with the letters of the keyword entered.

For example,  the keyword "dog" will be matched to an entry containing the word "dogwood." To search for a specific word, add a space at the end of the keyword entered. In all other respects, for the search to be successful, the keyword must match the entry exactly - including special characters such as punctuation or accents - for the search.

For example, the keyword "dogs" (plural) will not match an entry with the word "dog" (singular) or "dog's" (with an apostrophe); and the keyword "Mallarme" (with no accent) would not match an entry with the word Mallarm√© (with an accent).  Similarly, if two keywords are entered, those words must appear together exactly that way in the search. For example, the keywords "John Smith" would not match an entry for "John T. Smith." In this situation, try entering just the last name.                      


Can I see a detailed overview of events in a list?

Yes. At a glance, you can compare the details of events that are happening on the  same day or within the same week by selecting  "Details" located to the right of the selected day or week view title.                       

After you expand event details, you can collapse the details by selecting "Summary" to hide event details.                       

How do I add an event to my personal calendar?

After you have located an event that interests you, it can be added to your personal calendar. Select either the "Google calendar"  or "iCal"  icon located next to your  chosen event to import the event to your personal calendar. "Google calendar" works specifically with the calendar provided by Google while "iCal" integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Entourage, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and other desktop calendars.                       

Recurring events may need to be modified to show just one occurrence of the event.


Calendar Sharing Options
Selecting the orange '+' at the bottom of an event will allow a calendar user to share this event with several different types of social media.

Can I send an email to friends about an event that I think will interest them?

Yes. Select the "Share" icon (the orange "+" symbol) located next to your selected event.  A screen will then appear with several different types of social media from which to select to share this event.        


Calendar locations are hyperlinked
Most events are hyperlinked so that the location can be seen easily in Google Maps.


How do I see where a specific event is being hosted?

After opening an event to view all details associated with it, the location under "where" is hyperlinked to a Google map to show the location.    


Do "tags" group related events?

Yes. Tags are keywords that are used to group events of similar interest.

To see events that may be similar to one that you are looking at, you may select one of the "tags" on either the event's detail view or in the event list view.                       

Are Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds available?

Yes. You can either select the RSS icon to subscribe to all events for a 7, 15, 30, or 60 day period or choose a pre-defined RSS feed from the Category RSS Feeds page located on the left side of the calendar.                       

These RSS feeds allow those who regularly use the UACES Calendar of Events to easily view all events within a given period of time without having to visit the calendar website daily.                       

RSS feeds are commonly viewed by using an "RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregator", which can be web-based, desktop-based, or mobile-device-based.                       

How do I enter events for the calendar?

Events for our calendar can be entered by all county, support unit, and department secretaries. Additional support contacts can be found here.

Select these links to see our instructions on managing calendar events and managing locations and contacts.

For more information, please email us at                       

What is the driving force behind the UACES Calendar of Events?

The new University calendar is developed using Bedework, a calendar system that conforms to current calendaring standards. Bedework is an attractive solution because it is open source, made for higher education, built on Java, and has a centralized server architecture.                       

Questions about (or problems with) this calendar? Send us feedback at

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