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Strengthening Our Communities - Government Contracting

by CPED Staff - December 18, 2019

Community, Professional and Economic Development staff are sharing educational information with Arkansans on public radio through KUAR. The following post recently aired on KUAR, although some edits have been made for airtime.

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The U.S. Government is the world’s largest purchaser. Between October 2017-September 2018, there was approximately $895 million available in federal government contracts in the state of Arkansas alone.

That includesjobs both large and small – and it’s required by law to set aside opportunities for small businesses.

The bidding process is intricate and lengthy, but support organizations like the Arkansas Procurement Technical Assistance Center at the Cooperative Extension Service provide business owners with free support through the entire government contracting process.

Arkansas businesses can apply for contracts in-state and around the world. Projects range from dental equipment to road construction, lawn maintenance to chicken starter kits, and many more.

There is more info at For Strengthening Our Communities, I’m Dr. Julie Robinson.