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Speaker to Describe Six Key Elements of Turn Around Communities

by Mark Peterson - May 4, 2018

Community leaders in Brookfield, Missouri have been very creative in bringing their community back from very difficult circumstances, and Arkansas community leaders have an opportunity to hear that terrific story on June 6 at the 2018 Breakthrough Solutions Pre-Conference Workshop in Little Rock.

Becky Cleveland, executive director of Brookfield Area Growth Partnership, will be the lead speaker at the workshop. She will describe the six key elements of their turn-around strategy to bring their community back.

“In one-year’s time, a company’s building burned down so they moved to a neighboring community. Our 100-year-old theater's roof collapsed and it had to be torn down. And, another employer with 250 jobs pulled out. It was just horrible,” she said. “The downtown was falling in and we didn’t have any jobs. We knew we had to take action.”

The workshop, themed "Turn Around Communities in the 21st Century," will include a panel of Arkansas community leaders identifying "turnaround strategies" and experiences. Workshop participants will then develop turnaround strategies to address five key challenges facing the Mountain Home community.

“The insights we will learn from Ms. Cleveland, our panel, and addressing issues in Mountain Home will be invaluable learning experience for communities all across Arkansas,” said Mark Peterson, professor of Community and Economic Development with the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

As just one example, Brookfield provides every graduating high school senior with a mail box containing a personal letter from the mayor, inviting that person to make Brookfield their home.

The workshop and conference will take place at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service headquarters in Little Rock.

The Breakthrough Solutions Conference follows on June 7, with the theme “Strengthening the Opportunity Pipeline for Community / Region."

You can register before the early bird registration deadline of May 24, 2018 by going to

For more information, email or call 501-671-2253.

Becky Cleveland