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Strengthening Your Community's Opportunity Pipeline is Theme for 2018 Breakthrough Solutions Conference

by Mark Peterson - March 26, 2018

Breakthrough solutions conference logo with five illustrated houses.Start making plans to attend the 2018 Breakthrough Solutions Conference in June in Little Rock. Our theme this year is Strengthening Your Community's Opportunity Pipeline.

We will again offer a preconference tour in Little Rock on June 6. The day-long conference takes place June 7 at the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture's headquarters at 2301 S. University Ave. in Little Rock.

The 21st Century economy is global, digital, and fast. It is also disruptive to businesses, organizations, communities, and governments who are not changing with the times.

Empty buildings, bankruptcies, and ghost towns are a testament to this fact. But it is also loaded with opportunities for community and regional leaders who understand the changes taking place and can take advantage of these opportunities.

That is what our 2018 Breakthrough Solutions Conference and pre-conference workshop is about – equipping community and regional leaders with the insights, tools, and resources to harness the forces of change in your own community. The conference will address how you can strengthen the opportunity pipeline for your community or region.

Think of your community as a maker-space in which people, businesses, and organizations create things - products, services, and experiences that are needed and valued by the world. For your makerspace to grow and thrive, it needs new ideas, opportunities, and resources – a pipeline of opportunities. The pipeline may be of tourists, retirees, families, and small businesses coming to your community. Or it may be your local school or community college that produces new talent and fresh insights into what your community can become. And these are just a few of the dimensions we will explore.

The pre-conference workshop will focus on turn-around communities – how did they do it and how can you do it. The conference will feature a keynote speaker, our famous Ignite presentations of the coolest projects in the state, and eight concurrent sessions addressing the most promising opportunities for Arkansas communities and regions today. More details will be coming soon, so reserve these dates on your calendar. You won’t want to miss it!