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APAC Can Help With Your Solicitation Proposal

by Mary Love - March 19, 2018

Solicitations can be intimidating when you are just getting started in Government Contracting.  They are also challenging when you progress to a higher dollar threshold, work with a different agency, or sometimes even a different contracting officer at the same agency.  The truth is that each solicitation stands alone and is probably different from the last one you bid. 

One of the services that APAC provides is a solicitation review.  We can print the solicitation, read through it and mark the particulars, then share information with you that will potentially increase your chances of winning:

  1. We will tell you what you need to return to the government.
  2. We can assist you with finding required documents and how to complete them.
  3. We can suggest things that should be included in your price.
  4. We will help you understand the processes involved based on the type of solicitation.
  5. We can answer many of your questions and assist you with framing questions back to the point of contact (you don’t want to ask a questions that was already answered in the solicitation).
  6. We will point out the evaluation criteria and help you understand what is required to be qualified for contract award, such as relevant past experience.
  7. Sometimes it helps to know up front what to expect after award so we will discuss that as well.
  8. We will help you understand payment processes, bonding requirements, safety requirements, and quality assurance.
  9. We can help you get access to drawings and specs.
  10. We’ll help you understand what to do when there is an amendment to the solicitation.
  11. We can help you understand the provisions and clauses and which ones need to be returned with your bid.
  12. When possible we will assist you with finding past performance for the products or services you now wish to bid on.

If you would like APAC assistance on a specific solicitation send an email to me at or to Max Franks at and request a time when you will be available to either meet in the office or by phone.

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