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Property Assessment Webinar Series Continues Friday with Agricultural Focus

by Tyler Knapp - June 28, 2018

Agriculture is of great importance to Arkansas' economy, generating more than $21 billion value added dollars and 264,000 jobs.1  In 2016, farm land accounted for more than 41% of Arkansas land. Like other types of real property in the state, this land is subject to property tax.1

Image with a green and white silhouette of a barn and pine trees with a blue and white background of sky and clouds.  The graphic includes the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department and UAEX logos, and the text "Property Assessment Webinar Series - 2018".

Valuing agricultural and forest lands for tax purposes is complicated, as it relies on soil classifications, land use and production values.  In the second webinar of the six-part Property Assessment Webinar series, Rob McGee of the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department (AACD) will outline the process of valuing agriculture and forest lands. 

Using practical examples, Rob will walk us through the agriculture and forest assessment process, beginning with soil classifications and ending with estimating property tax liability.

Don't miss out on your chance to ask questions from AACD experts! 

Missed Webinar 1?

If you didn't get to watch webinar 1, Overview of Property Assessments, the Assessment Process and Exemptions, don't worry. You can still watch it.  Go to to find the recorded video of the first webinar and all of the information you will need for the upcoming webinars.

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1. 2017 Arkansas Agriculture Profile