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Understanding the New LOGIN.GOV Process for your Existing SAM.GOV Account

by Alyssa Huber - July 9, 2018

The Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center (APAC) informed you last month about the new log in process for in the blog post/newsletter article written by Max Franks, Preparing for a new log in process.

By now, you may have noticed, effective June 29th, implemented a new login process. They are currently using a duel authentication system with Your username and password will no longer work, so you must create an account with prior to being able to login to your System for Award Management (SAM) account. Once you get to and click login, you will be redirected to

Once there you will click on "create an account". create account screen example

The first step is to type in the same email address you use for The system will email you a web link. Click on the web link to confirm your email address. The system will then direct you to create a new password. Think of a few words or a phrase that does not involve common names and is at least nine characters long. It will tell you if it's too weak and will not let you continue until it likes the password/phrase you have created.

Once complete, the system asks how you would like to receive a verification code. This code is a one-time use six digit number and is only good for ten minutes from the time it is sent to you. You can chose to receive a text message, a phone call, or to get an app on your phone to scan a QR code. Whichever method you choose, make sure it is easy for you as this will be the way you will receive all future verification codes each time you login to your  account. If you choose to receive a phone call with the verification code, be sure to have a pen and paper handy to write down your code. Next, enter the verification code into the space provided.

During the final step, the system gives you a 16 character personal key code. We encourage you to write it down or print the page with the personal key code on it. This code is the only way to regain access to your account if you happen to lose the phone where your verification codes are sent. personal key code page example

Once this process is complete, the system directs you to your account. You will now to use your email address and newly created password to login to your SAM account.  For more detailed assistance on creating an account within you may visit their help page. APAC is here to help clients with this new process. Call us during business hours at 501-671-2390 for assistance