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We Print Houses

by Mark Peterson, Professor - February 8, 2018

If you believe the future will be merely an extension of the present, you haven’t been paying attention. Zachary Mannheimer, our keynote speaker at our 2017 Breakthrough Solutions Conference, did a great job of showing us the importance of creative placemaking in our 21st century economy. But he also provided us with a glimpse into the future and the power of technology to DISRUPT and transform sectors of our economy.

You know that 3D printers are becoming popular, and are used in the space station and a multitude of other very creative uses. The video that follows shows a house being printed in just 24 hours, with a total cost of just over $10,000. I know – it is only 400 square feet and it is in located in Russia, of all places. But think of the implications of this for our timber industry, our housing and construction sector, and for providing affordable housing to many people in our nation and the world. See the video at this link:

Remember that strategic leaders understand that clues to the future are all around us; they just haven’t gone mainstream yet. When Sam Walton heard about a self-service hardware store in Minnesota, he traveled to Minnesota to see it. He RECOGNIZED THE FUTURE, and the rest is history. What clues to the future are all around you?

 3D Image of Printed house