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The 2018 Election: Where Did Voters Turnout the Most?

by Kristin Higgins - December 4, 2018

Just over 50% of Arkansas' registered voters turned out on Election Day to cast their ballot, but some counties had much higher participation. Some counties had lower participation.

Find your county's results here: 


Top 10 Voting Counties

County # of Registered Voters % Voter Turnout
Pike 5,486 61.76
Van Buren 10,508 60.38
Perry 6,286 59.37
Monroe 4,566 59.07
Montgomery 4,890 58.45
Prairie 4,943 58.39
Conway 11,231 58.05
Chicot 6,355 56.79
Clark 12,079 56.21
Scott 5,122 56.19

Lowest 10 Voting Counties

County # of Registered Voters % Voter Turnout
Crittenden 29,529 40.92
Miller 27,156 42.29
Phillips 13,051 42.89
Lee 5,015 42.95
Nevada 5,678 44.66
Columbia 14,281 45.02
Logan 12,259 45.29
Lonoke 45,599 45.46
Union 27,746 46.39


Final Results

The Arkansas Secretary of State's Office finalized statewide results after all counties certified their ballots and reported the information to the state. In the 2018 mid-term election, Arkansas had 1,784,015 registered voters. A total of 898,793 ballots were cast, a turnout of 50.38 percent of registered voters. 

Looking at that number a different way, 30 percent of the state's roughly 3 million residents turned out to vote.

We reported last month how the number of people who voted for governor in this race determines the number of voter signatures needed for the 2020 ballot. The tally changed once more counties reported their number. 

According to the Arkansas Secretary of State, 891,509 people voted in the three-way governor's race. Based on this number, constitutional amendment proposals will need at least 89,151 signatures to qualify for the 2020 ballot. State laws will need at least 71,321 signatures to qualify. 

This year, the number of people who voted for ballot issues inched closer to the governor's tally. More than 21,000 people voted for governor but skipped voting on Issue 4. More people voted on Issue 5 than the other measures.

The final results for the 3 statewide ballot issues also changed since last month: 

Issue 2:

871,558 people voted on the measure that would require voters present photographic identification when casting their ballots in person or through absentee ballot. 

The final vote was: 692,622 in favor and 178,936 against. 

Issue 4:

870,484 people voted on the measure to legalize casinos in four locations in Arkansas. 

The final vote was: 470,954 in favor and 399,530 against.  

Issue 5:

884,830 people voted on the measure to increase the Arkansas minimum wage.

The final vote was 605,784 in favor and 279,046 against.