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What is Govology?

by Alyssa Huber - August 29, 2018

Govology is a free, online support community for small businesses pursuing government contracting opportunities. The Govology team connects small businesses with trusted knowledge, resources, experts, and support so they may learn, prepare, connect, and win contracts. 

They host multiple live webinars each month. Typically, these webinars are at noon on Thursdays and last about an hour and a half. As a client of the Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center, you can register for these webinars at NO COST to you, through our partnership with Govology.

The live webinars are recorded. If you missed one, you can create a free account and watch the webinar later as well as hundreds of on-demand courses anytime using the access code we provide you. Govology has plenty of trainings to choose from for all stages of your business.  

We notify you via email each month about upcoming live webinars and instructions on how to register. If you ever need assistance with account creation or webinar registration, please email us at, or call us at 501-671-2390.

Red, White and Blue Govology logo featuring an eagle and the word "Govology"

Alyssa Huber