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Learn from State Experts in Our Property Assessment Video Series

by Tyler R. Knapp - August 14, 2018

Image with a green and white silhouette of a barn and pine trees with a blue and white background of sky and clouds.  The graphic includes the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department and UAEX logos, and the text "Property Assessment Webinar Series - 2018".Have you ever wondered how your county calculates your property tax liability or why the taxable value of your property is so low - or maybe high? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, or if you are just curious about how property is valued and taxed, we can help.

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s Community and Economic Development unit, in collaboration with the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department (AACD) and the Tax Division of the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC), have produced a webinar series to help government officials, leaders and the public better understand the property assessment process.

In the five-part series, participants will learn what personal and real property is assessed, the methods for assessing different types of property, the legal limits of annual assessment increases, how to challenge property assessments, and more.

The series includes videos on five different assessment topics:

  1. Overview of Property Assessments, the Assessment Process and Exemptions
  2. Agriculture and Forestry Assessments
  3. Personal Property Assessments
  4. Utility and Carrier Assessments
  5. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Assessments

Don’t miss your chance to hear directly from AACD and APSC experts!  All of the videos are free to watch at

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