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APAC Success Story: Boyd Trailer Sales, LLC

by Max Franks - October 24, 2017

Jack Hewett of Boyd Trailer Sales, LLC provides truck beds and utility trailers for all commercial applications and uses. Mr. Hewett started the business in the 1960s while working with his grandfather, J.C. Boyd and inherited the business when J.C. passed away several years ago. Mr. Hewett kept the name of the business in the memory of his grandfather.

Boyd Trailer Sales began working with the Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center in August of 2017, working with myself as counselor. Mr. Hewett was approached by the Forest Service because of his strong reputation in providing specialty trailers for rough back woods conditions. Since he had never worked for a federal government agency he asked the Contracting Officer at the Forest Service several questions. The Forest Service then recommended he reach out to APAC for assistance.

We discussed how APAC could assist his business in attaining government contracts and I explained about the importance of attaining a Duns & Bradstreet number, being registered in the System for Awards Management (SAM), finding the appropriate North American Industry Classification Codes (NAICs) as well as reviewed potential solicitations his company could bid on.  Once all the requirements were complete, Boyd Trailer Sales, LLC won a Forest Service contract for four heavy duty tandem axle trailers with upgrades.

“This process (working with the government) is so difficult for small businesses that I do not know how any business could succeed without APAC help,” Mr. Hewett said.

He also mentioned that he would like to continue to work with APAC to bid on other state and federal contracts.

Congratulations to Boyd Trailer Sales, LLC on their new government contract.  We wish you much success in obtaining any future contracts.

Connect with our APAC counselors at 501-671-2390 to learn how you can expand your business into new areas.

black trailer from Boyd Trailer Sales

Boyd Trailer Sales Red Trailer