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APAC Success Story: Wonder State Box Company, Incorporated

by Kim Magee - September 20, 2017

Wonder State Box Company manufactures corrugated packaging, sells packaging supplies, and offers material handling equipment. The company started in Arkansas in 1972. In 1987, Wonder State became the third facility within Southern Missouri Containers (SMC) located in Conway. SMC is one of the largest and most diverse independent corrugated manufacturers in the Midwest.

Wonder State has been an APAC client since 2009. Sales Representative Doug Fender first became aware of the services offered by APAC through his connections with APAC counselor Mary Love. Love was previously employed by Pine Bluff Arsenal and purchased corrugated boxes from Fender. When Love became an APAC employee, she contacted Fender regarding the services offered by her new employer.

Since becoming an APAC client, Fender estimates that Wonder State has received nearly $4 million worth of government contracts, mainly selling to federal prisons and The Department of the Army. He is currently working on a bid to secure a fiberboard liner contract for Rock Island Arsenal out of Illinois.

Fender wished to express his appreciation to APAC counselors Max Franks and Mary Love for their assistance over the years, as government contracting can seem like a mine field when trying to navigate the regulations and restrictions. He feels that APAC can certainly make the process less intimidating. He also values the trainings offered by APAC and has found them beneficial.

“The Government speaks such a different language. It’s very helpful to know that assistance from APAC is just a phone call away,” Fender said. 

Congratulations to Wonder State Box Company on their past and present government contracts. We wish you much success in obtaining the contract with Rock Island.

Connect with our APAC counselors at 501-671-2390 to learn how you can expand your business into new areas.

Picture of Corrugated box, most recycled the most recycled product in the waste system by weight
M&M candy box, example of boxes produced by Wonder State Box Company, Incorporated