UACES Facebook TV Ads Already Airing for 2018 Ballot
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TV Ads Already Airing for 2018 Ballot

by Kristin Higgins - February 20, 2017

Over the weekend, a television commercial asked Arkansans to contact their legislators about SJR8. The proposed constituional amendment from the Senate seeks to place limits on monetary awards a person can receive in some types of lawsuits and to limit how much money lawyers can be paid on contingency. 

This is the earliest ballot issue campaign in years and SJR 8 isn't even on the ballot yet. 

The Senate voted last week to refer the proposal to the public on the 2018 ballot. SJR8 now goes to the House for a final vote. The bill has many legislative sponsors so many presume it will make the 2018 ballot as one of three legislatively-referred ballot measures. 

The Public Policy Center provides non partisan information on ballot issues the closer to election day. Our materials won't be ready for another year, but you'll hear more about the measure before then. As of today, no group has filed with the Arkansas Ethics Commission to support or oppose the measure, but groups are circulating handouts and sharing information on social media about the proposal.